FINISSAGE: The Beauty of Work, Lepota Rada, by Andrej Filev

SUNDAY 11.07.2010 Finissage starts @ 19:00


Open Rehearsal by the HOR 29. Novembar starts from 17:00

Closing of the Exhibition, with Austrian Balcan Food Marathon

World Final from South Africa, Netherlands – Spain on two screens and as huge projection. Free Entry

Music – Drinks – Performances – OPEN END

‘Lepota Rada’, The Beauty of Work or in german language ‘Die Schönheit der Arbeit’

is the first exhibition in our new founded Gallery. The space which will contain our Gallery/Cultural Center is in a quite bad condition and was used as storage space for a construction company. Next to the Gallery, there is our small Cafe. Both the Cafe and the storage space were established and run by workers migrants from former Yugoslavia in the last decade.  The Cafe was and is a frequent meeting place for mainly workers, as it opens every day at 06:00 in the morning, where they meet for their first coffee before going to work, and return in the eve for the last beer before going to sleep.

Many of that migrant workers, have been forced, due to the economic crisis and influenced by rigid residence or migration regulations to reinvent themselves as one-man companies. Often they have to collaborate to receive an order, which later is executed as a result of long lasting networks and exchange of knowledge, a.e. where to get the cheapest materials for reconstruction.

Andrej Filev, who is an internationally awarded photographer, as well survived the difficult years in Belgrade, by working on different construction sites. Lepota Rada is an process orientated exhibition, which tends to include the migrant working class guests into the reconstruction of the venue, share and exchange knowledge and experiences, document the process, and generates a space where questions of every day life are included within the fields of fine art and culture

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