Class Wargames special guest

We continue to play the Class Wargames Game by Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho.

There will be an introduction of the game by Stefan Lutschinger.

As a special guest this thursday, we welcome Fabian Tompsett from the London Class Wargames Group, so
July 29th — 8pm at our Gallery, Koppstrasse 26

Fabian Tompsett, London Psychogeographical Association
and author:

Fabian Tompsett overcame the shortcomings of a bourgeois education by gaining a proletarian education through the London Workers Group. This was accompanied by many years of practical experience working in several Print Co-ops in London during the eighties. During this period he became involved with Class War, leaving in 1985. During the nineties he initiated the London Psychogeographical Association and collaborated with Alastair Bonnett on Transgressions, A Journal of Urban Exploration. He also translated some of the works of Asger Jorn into English. His participation in Class Wargames is a culmination of his interaction with Situationism from a proletarian class perspective.

Stefan Lutschinger is a philosopher, curator, lecturer and novel character in Luc Just Gross’ Glatteis – Neue Meister. He teaches Media and Cultural Studies at Middlesex University in London and Culturology and German Studies at the State University in Saint-Petersburg. His principal interests lie in artistic research and epistemologies of the irrational. Stefan has set up numerous international art events and conferences, managing cultural institutions and moderated the implementation of NetzNetz Digital Arts & Culture Fund City of Vienna Cultural Department, a community-based distribution of municipal funding based on democratically agreed-upon rules. He has a particular interest in analytical philosophy, the Vienna Circle and Wittgenstein’s concept of ‘language-games’ because of the contention that our whole use of language is similar to game playing.

*Photo by Raivo Juurak

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