Art and Repression: TV Screenings every Monday – starting 2nite

tonight @ BOEM* Gallery, Art’N’Repression, TV and diskussions. starting 20:00 (gmt +1) Vienna time.

The Police is never sleeping! Not always.

Let us research that a bit. Nowadays the latest hot shit from local reality tv formats in Austria feature our brave special police unit, how they fight for our safety and security. It is certainly funny, what that show exposes. Austria is probably the safest country in this part of the world, but still it is a country, where a single school kid causes more police units to act, than the former financial minister who commits that he had forgotten topay taxes on other incomings while still on duty.

In the last months, we face a new quality in repression. Miss undercoverlover withnesses about her results, in the case against animal rights activists at court in lower austria, and in Vienna few art students, covering repatriation action by police, are suspicted to represent state terrorists.

Where does that lead us into?

Let’s discuss that tonight. Present at the discussion: political activists, art students, artists, and hopefully you.

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