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Today starts a collaborative processual exhibition in Vienna. The topic is art and repression, and it will be realised till the 18th of March at three different venues. IG Bildende Kunst and Schenke are the other two venues. The opening with performances will take place at IG Bildende Kunst at 19:00. 8th FEB.
This exhibition is and will be generated by an open group and you should follow our blog for further instructions, as we really understand it as a processual exhibition!
Our goal at BOEM* is to provide at one side space and time to the general topic, but as we understand ourselves as an emancipatoric project, we aim to add some analytical and strategic points, which go along with our proletarian artistic international agenda.
Therefore we are extremly glad to open our part of the show, with a special feature on:
SATURDAY 12th feb. 20:00

art&repression : international experiences and strategies: I @ Planet BOEM*

ü, Massai Mbili Art Centre, Otieno Gomba, African Maximalism,
Massai Mbili Art centre and Otieno Gomba:
Maasai Mbili Art Centre (M2) is a community based art group that was started in 2001, by two artists Otieno Gomba and Otieno Kota, who initially work as sign writers in Kibera.
Today Maasai Mbili has eight active members, and a group of six promising students/apspirant members closely connected to the core group. In 2003 M2 accquired a space, a two storey structure, originally a pub, and turned it into a studio and a gallery. The centre is situated along Kibera Drive, just After
Ayany Junction, and almost all the M2 activities are focused at Kiberan development, through community interaction.
Maasai Mbili is not yet registred as an organisation. Procedures have started, but is is an issue that has been pushed forward and postponed a number of times, earlier due to heavy workload, recently because of the turbulent post-election period.
our thanks goes to Goethe Institute Nairobi for supporting Gomba’s trip. watch out their website:
Otieno Gomba and are currently working together on
presentation will turn into party: (micro)RADIO BOEM SOUNDSYSTEM
MONDAY 14th feb. 20:00

art&repression : police and psychosis: I @ Planet BOEM*

Let’s do a psychogeographical safari into the latest hot shit of  local TV reality shows. Anybody seen the new austrian production of „WEGA – Die Spezialeinheit“? Actually this TV show mirrors that Vienna is one of the safest cities world wide. Come watch and discuss how our police acts, when they try to save a cat from its psychotic owner.
During the exhibition, till 18th of March, our Cinema Club will happen always mondays. We’ll as well present some movies which deal with repression, but explore or feature recent examples of autonomous worker’s selforgansiation. Further details to be announced….

More Information under: IG BILDENDE KUNST, KBST, SCHENKE

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