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come and try the new flavours. Are you team olympia or team uberization?

Fr 30.07.2021 | ab 12:30 | Museumsquartier, 1070   

Sa 31.07.2021 | ab 12:30 | Karl-Marx-Hof, 1190

#MONEYFESTA21 in process: Having a break down? Have a KitKap! Look out for Sasha Pevak – Kitkap @ MONEYFESTA21 around town! ??? KitKap is a play of words that stands for “A Kit for Surviving Kapitalism”. Through a never-ending promo-campaign, it appeals to our sweet childhood memories: of the times when we all were growing up ingesting – and internalizing – capitalism.

Fr 30.07.2021 | from 12:30 | MuseumsQuartier, 1070

Sa 31.07.2021 | from 12:30 | Karl-Marx-Hof, 1190

Follow @kitkap.official on Instagram to receive updates!In the frame of Moneyfesta21 (@moneyfesta_official)Social media design: Miguel Soll (@miguelsoll) #shiftwien #weareBOEM

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