Kinoklub spezial – Operation Spring, Ute Bock and Charles Ofoedu

Kinoklub spezial – Operation Spring, 7pm CET, April 7th, 2011

Screening & Discussion (in german language) with Charles Ofoedu and Ute Bock


some things we take even more serious. As you all know, we did participate in the exhibition about “Art and Repression” and that show is now over. It was a processual analytical exhibition, but we don’t feel ourselves limited to dates, in order to deepen our understanding of the new level of repression. To put it a bit polemical, who would have cared about a burning dust-bin and would try to declare it an act of state terrorism 20 or 30 years ago. We hardly remember the days, broken shop windows were standing for contemporary almost urban folklore, but these days are gone.

One outcome of our discussion about the radical change of policy, was that somehow new forms of repression started in Austria, with “Operation Spring”. So, we decided to organise another evening related to the topic, and to make a Kinoklub spezial, with a screening of the documentary, produced by Angelika Schuster and Tristan Sindelgruber.

As well we are very proud to watch and discuss the mentioned topics, with Charles Ofoedu and Ute Bock, who both were targets of that, never seen before new form of repression.




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