Fight for your (human) rights?

Round – Table II (in englischer Sprache)
Fr 8.10.2021, 17 Uhr @ Brunnenpassage

There is a set of liberal ideas, by some perceived as “mainstream dictatorship” on the use of language to name and label all various kind of minorities and their representation. Very often these rights, which were gained as well in civil unrests and struggles, are as well used internationally, and within the EU to identify who is and who can be part of our cultural family. These achievements are in a sharp contrast, if we take a look at how workers and migrants are treated. Will there be justice in future and how? 
With the curatorial team and students of the MA program Applied Human Rights from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, u.a. 

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Kofinanziert von der Administration of the National Cultural Fund, Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, German Cultural Center Iași and Goethe Institute, Frame Contemporary Art Finland und Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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