Boemians in Wonderland! TurboHot Weekend, prolococktail & Kinoklub

Just a few lines, so you have a better overview about our this weekends program. We start extremly traditional, with our friday’s cocktail night for the masses. You’ll easily find the crazy cocktail corner in our cafe; if not, just ask, or follow the tunes of our rythmic crew, formerly known as “boem micro radio sound sistem”. This friday will be the ideological warm up – for our tombola at the U3 station Ottakring, Saturday at 15:25 afternoon.

We organise an incredible tombola, everybody is a winner, but BOEM* takes it all! Join us into the fabulous world of ottakring and penzing! We can only show you the door, join us and find out how deep the hole goes.

Monday, thx to KINOKLUB, we’ll start our analytical cinema programm with an amazing film about the yugoslavian society. Featuring : Balcan Spy, probably one of the darkest mainstream comedies, written and directed by Dusan Kovacevic, tells us a story about Ilija Cvorovic, a former stalinist supporter, who was once punished, as he didn’t manage to addopt fast enough to new political realities, and tries really everything to avoid future problems with the state.
The slightly overmotivated Cvorovic, and his familiy, can only survive in Belgrade, as they rent out one room of their house. Their subtenant just returned from France, after years as Gastarbajter and wants to open a tailor shop somewhere
in Belgrade. Secret police randomly calls Cvorovic and interviews him, about his subtenant. Where is smoke, there is as well fire, and Cvorovic believes that his subtenant is probably one of the most dangerous contra revolutionary in the world!
What comes next, are probably the most funny moments in yugoslavian cinematography, which you shouldn’t miss. The version is subtitled and will be discussed after the screening. Projection starts at 21:00, so bring your own pop-corn, chips, and enjoy this masterpiece with us.

ok boemians, so don’t miss this weekend!

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